what is ultrasonic wire welding machine

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When making wire harnesses, usually need to splice 2 or more wires together.

Using the traditional “pressure splicing with clip ” method , wire strand are fixed together with clip as a terminals.

A better choice is ultrasonic welding technology, No need Acid ,solder , more strength and safe, which has been used by most famous automobile manufacturers such as Mercedes, Ford and Tesla.

So what is ultrasonic welding? Ultrasonic splicing is the process of welding aluminum or copper wires. Under the high-frequency vibration pressure, the metal surfaces rub against each other, so that the atoms inside the metal are fully diffused and recrystallized. The wire harness has high strength after welding without changing its own resistance and conductivity.

After 2016, due to the development of the electric vehicle industry, the application of high-voltage cables in automobiles has become a very important field. The international advanced technology began to use ultrasonic welding to completely replace the crimping, becoming a more stable and safer connection method.

The welding area is usually 0.2-50mm². The main welding metals are Aluminum wire、copper wires, cable and terminals.

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