What causes unstable ultrasonic metal welding equipment and how to solve it?

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Ultrasonic metal welding process has been widely used in all walks of life, in the use of ultrasonic welding machine production work, the stability of ultrasonic metal welding equipment is very important, the stability of the equipment is related to the quality of welded products are up to standard, such as poor stability of ultrasonic welding equipment, then the welding out of the product defect rate will also be higher, which is a very big loss to the enterprise.

So, what is the reason for the instability of the metal ultrasonic welding equipment? There are many reasons for the instability of the equipment, we must carefully detect the state of the equipment before judging, so as to take corresponding measures. There are generally the following reasons.
1, the voltage is unstable.
2, the air pressure is not stable; pressure is not enough.
3、The mould has been used for too long, and the frequency deviation may have occurred.
4, the machine itself may have a fault, it may be the power of the ultrasonic welding generator is not stable or the performance of the transducer increase is not stable.
5、The welding material is not effective.
6, welding line design is not reasonable.

If you are new to the purchase of metal ultrasonic welding machine, just the beginning of the second use is unstable, the reasons may be.
1, welding machine power is not enough to meet the welding needs; replace the high-power plastic welding machine.
2, parameter adjustment is not reasonable, appropriate adjustment of voltage and pressure, hair shock time, dwell time in try.
3, the welding head of the welding surface and mold contact surface is not flat.
4, the material and process of the reason, resulting in the workpiece is difficult to weld, increase the modification of the welding line.

If used for a period of time, the equipment is still unstable for a long time, it may be the following reasons.
1、After working for a period of time, the working point drifts and needs to be adjusted.
2, check whether the welding material has changed, such as material, thickness, size, etc.
3, the equipment itself problems, some inferior welding equipment, long working hours will appear frequency deviation, equipment backward situation.
4, ultrasonic equipment failure, ultrasonic generators, transducers, increase the problem caused by.
5、Appropriately increase the pressure of welding.
6, appropriate to increase the time of the hair shock.

Ultrasonic metal welding machine is not stable, for a variety of reasons, encounter this situation please do not worry, as long as patient observation of equipment, analysis of the causes, find the problem, in order to prescribe the right remedy, to adjust or replace the more reliable brand of metal ultrasonic welding equipment, so as to achieve your satisfaction with the welding effect.

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