What can ultrasonic metal welder be used for?

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What metal material can be processed by ultrasonic metal welder?

Among the metals that can be efficiently processed by ultrasonic metal welders, copper and aluminum are prominent examples. The versatility of the ultrasonic metal welding machine is not limited to copper-copper welding, but also includes aluminum-aluminum welding and copper-aluminum welding.

Copper-copper welding:

One of the main applications of ultrasonic metal welding machine is copper to copper welding. The process is ideal for joining the same types of metals, including copper wire, copper foil and copper pipe seals. By utilizing ultrasonic vibrations, the welder is able to create a strong and reliable bond between copper components.

Copper-to-copper welding application examples:

Soldering Copper Wire for Electrical Applications: This application ensures safe and conductive connections to various electrical systems.

Sealing copper pipes with an ultrasonic welder: Enhances durability and creates leak-proof joints in applications such as plumbing and refrigeration.


The ultrasonic metal welding machine is adaptable for welding aluminum to aluminum, such as aluminum foil, aluminum tube etc.

Copper and aluminum welding:

Ultrasonic metal welders excel at welding copper to aluminum, a process often used in applications such as terminal manufacturing. Since the melting points of aluminum and copper are quite different, both the material selection and the control of ultrasonic welding parameters for composite materials need to be very precise.

Terminals are critical components in electrical and electronic systems, often requiring safe, durable connections between copper and aluminum. Ultrasonic metal welding machines can ensure a strong bond between terminals and meet the performance needs of different industries.

Copper and aluminum welding application examples:

Copper and aluminum components require seamless solder terminals for optimal conductivity and reliability for use in electrical systems.

What industries will apply ultrasonic metal welder?

Ultrasonic metal welding machines have wide application capabilities in a variety of industries due to their ability to weld copper and aluminum, especially those using complex, delicate or tiny parts. The following are common application industry scopes:

Electrical and electronics industry:

Microelectronic components: The best connection process for wires and circuits on microelectronic components is ultrasonic welding, which is used in chips, motors, capacitors, flash memories, microprocessors, transformers and other products. The entire welding process joins thin metal (usually aluminum or copper) to thicker material, seamlessly connecting wires and circuits. Ultrasonic metal welder can effortlessly connect circuits on circuit boards, making it ideal for the smartphone and computer industries.

Connector manufacturing: ultrasonic metal welder is used to weld copper and aluminum in the production of electrical connectors and terminals, ensuring safe and reliable electrical connections.

Circuit assembly: ultrasonic metal welding machine is used to assemble circuit components, where connecting copper and aluminum components is crucial for electronic devices.

Automobile industry:

Wire Harness Assemblies: The automotive industry uses ultrasonic metal welding to connect copper and aluminum wires in wire harness assemblies, helping to improve the overall functionality of the vehicle’s electrical system.

Lithium battery technology: Lithium battery technology is one of the key technologies for new energy vehicles. There are three metal welding methods: foil to tab, tab to tab, and tab to bus. Metals of different thicknesses and materials are used, one end (tab) is thicker, and the other end is composed of multiple layers of extremely thin metal sheets.

Home appliance manufacturing:

Component connection: ultrasonic metal welder is used to join copper and aluminum components in the production of various electrical appliances, such as refrigerators, air conditioners and other household equipment. In the past, we have been using copper pipes as components of the cooling systems of refrigerators and air conditioners. Since copper materials are expensive, aluminum pipes have begun to be used instead. But regardless of whether copper pipes or aluminum pipes are used, ultrasonic can be used for sheet welding or sealing.

Energy and power systems:

Battery manufacturing: In the production of batteries, especially those used in renewable energy systems, ultrasonic metal welding can be applied to join copper and aluminum components, ensuring efficient energy transfer.

Heat Exchanger and HVAC Industry:

Duct Sealing: Ultrasonic welding is used to seal copper tubing in heat exchangers and HVAC systems, helping to increase durability and efficiency.

Medical device manufacturing:

Instrument assembly: ultrasonic metal welder can be used to manufacture high-demand medical device components, such as various sensors, electrodes, etc. The most typical application is pin soldering on integrated circuits in medical equipment. The process does not require glue or adhesive, just use the main body material for connection. Examples include pacemakers used to treat patients and sensors implanted in the body. In addition, ultrasonic welding is widely used in the manufacturing of intravenous catheters, blood/gas filters, dialysis machines, valves and filters. The low heat input and pollution-free characteristics generated during ultrasonic welding protect the welded parts from thermal damage and pollution, meeting the needs of medical devices for high quality and high hygiene requirements.

Communication equipment field:

In the manufacturing of communication equipment, copper-copper ultrasonic welding technology is often used to make various connectors and wiring components, such as antenna connectors, connecting wires, etc. Ultrasonic welding can ensure the reliability and stability of connections while reducing production costs.

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