Ultrasonic welding machine for electronics industrial

The market’s requirements for various components in the electronics industry have become more complex and comprehensive: airtightness, dimensional accuracy and a perfect surface are just the most basic quality standards.

Ultrasonic welding can reduce production costs and ensure the production safety and reproducibility of the joining process.

With the rapid development of the electronics industry, the market has higher requirements for various electronic components, Not only the shape is more fashionable, the sealing effect has to be better.

Ultrasonic welding Technology is being accepted by more and more people due to The safety and low cost.

● Sensors and switches
In all areas of automation, light sensing, inductive and capacitive sensors are widely used. In addition to perfect appearance and no scratches, ultrasonic welding can also meet the requirements of tightness and reliable functionality.

● Transmitter and Breaker
Ultrasonic welding is used in automation, especially for photosensive and inductive sensors. Ultrasonic welding sealing effect and appearance is perfect.

● Cover
For the outer cover, the quality and design have extremely high requirements. These include high strength, good sealing, absolute precision, good appearance, scratch resistance on the surface, and uniform welding seams.

● Outer cover
Styling requirements are beautiful, quality is more stringent requirements. The stretch strength and sealing are good, and the gaps are welded evenly.

● Electronic equipment
In addition to the cover and the display screen, electronic components can also be welded and riveted. The use of ultrasonic welding technology can introduce energy into the welding area in a targeted manner to ensure the safe connection between the support plate and the outer cover, and will not pose a threat to sensitive electronic components.

● Electronic instruments
In addition to the display screen, electronic instruments can also be welded. And the energy can be accurately imported into the welding range. Even for sensitive parts, the support plate is securely attached to the housing.

● Cable and plug
Plugs and wiring boards are used as high-value safety components in electronic equipment, electronic instruments and electrical installations. The stable and error-free connection of the contact can ensure that the contact has no offset and the current is stable. Similarly, the connection of different materials can also be achieved by ultrasonic riveting.

● Wires and plugs
Plugs /wiring boards are widely used, especially in the field of electronic equipment and electrical installation. Welding of different materials can be done with different welding equipment and welding heads to ensure current stability and positive contact position.

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