Ultrasonic metal welding machine, how much the impact of the welding time

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Ultrasonic metal welding machine, how much the impact of welding time, so it depends on which generator you use.

Currently on the market, ultrasonic metal welding machine, welding mode has time mode, energy mode, constant power mode, etc..

No matter which mode has been on, the welding time has an impact on the welding capacity.

First of all, let’s talk about the time mode, this mode welding, the impact of time will have a big impact, a little more or less will have a big impact. For example, you weld 3 square wire harness, if the time used 400ms can be welded, you adjust a little more, it will be welded too hard, a little less, there will be the situation of welding is not firm.

If it is the energy mode, the impact of time is not so big, a little more or less is not a problem, but also not too big.

Constant power mode is also the same reason, a slight change in time is not a big problem, but too much then the welding capacity will also play a different effect.

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