Automation industry

In industry and processing, the demand for complex and efficient automation equipment is increasing. In order to meet the growing demand, bonne provides a large number of solutions in the integration of ultrasound systems and components.
◆ High stability and fast
◆ Accurate size
◆ Flawless appearance

● Automation
With increasing demand and complex processes in the automation industry, Bonne ultrasonic technology offers customers a wide range of efficient solutions.
◆ Stable, fast
◆ precise size
◆ Appearance perfect

● Automated systems
Ultrasonic welding needs to be processed separately in complex processing, which requires the use of systems with their own welding control. Bonne ultrasonic welding systems enable their own complex welding applications and are repeatedly applied to automated systems.
◆ Easy operate
◆ High precise
◆ Welding control system

● Non-standard components
Specially designed ultrasonic equipment can meet the individual needs of different non-standard machines to maximize utilization.
◆ Stable component
◆ Modular structure combination
◆ Meet customer requirements

● Robot assembly
With the change of intelligent production, robot system is more and more widely used. Of course, ultrasonic wave is used more and more, and the highly repetitive production from solder joint to solder joint. Mature technical system can effectively improve efficiency.
◆ Continuity
◆ Time beat optimization
◆ Highly flexible

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