Model: BN-X2030C
Application: wire harness welding for EVS
City: xiangyang ,Hubei
Power: 3000w
Welding area: 0.5-20mm square
Hubei customer Use new Ultrasonic wire splicer instead of traditional crimp machine.
No acid, No solder,fast welding . convenient and safe .

Model: BN-2040DZ
Application: wire harness to Aluminum foil welding
Power: 4000w
Welding area: 2-30mm square
In the process of copper wire joining to Al foils. 20,000 times per second High frequency vibration to make the atom diffuse and recrystallize. Our staff is calibrating the machine

Model: BN-G2030A
Application: Aluminum foils seam welding
Power: 3000w
Welding area: up to 2.5 meters
Bonne supplied the Solar energy plate rolling welding machine for Aluminum foils continuous weld. welding length 1.5-2.5 meters. Use servo control system.

Model: BN-X2040C
Application: wiring harness welding for automobile
City: Nantong ,jiangsu
Power: 4000w
Welding area: 4-30mm square
Bonne engineer guide how to use the equipment, and test machine in shanghai customer’s plant.
This welder equipped with PLC control system . easy to operate .Can store 1000 welding data.

Model: BN-X2020A
Application: 2x4mm Copper wire splicing
Power: 2000w
Welding area: 0.5-16 mm²
Enameled aluminum wire and copper wire welding, one-time forming. After ultrasonic welding , the strength can reach 80% of original wires.

Model: BN-G2030A
Application: Aluminum foils seam welding
Power: 3000w
Welding area: 1.5- 2.5 meters
Ultrasonic rolling welding machine for solar energy collector plate continuous welding .Flexible control , the mechanism is easy to install .can weld a variety of width products.

Model: BN-2040DZ
Application: wire harness to Aluminum Busbars welding
Power: 4000w
Welding area: 2-30mm square
Ultrasonic metal welder for copper wire to Aluminum Busbars spot welding . Good effect.

Model: BN-X2030B
Application: wire harness splicing for Electronic
Power: 3000w
Welding area: 0.5-30mm square
German official generator and transducer . support Mes system connection. 1000 times welding data storage . 20Khz . Very low resistivity

High-voltage splice testing equipment
● The test voltage can be up to DC 6000VDC/AC 5000VAC
● The test current can be up to 20mA
● Low voltage on testing, short-circuit testing, component function testing
● High-voltage insulation resistance test, leak test
● AC/DC pressure resistance test
● Reliable fit and pressure-resistant contact
● A safety test area equipped with grating protection
● Easy programming and operation
● Modular and extensive
● Reasonable structure and layout, convenient maintenance

Model: BN-X2040C
Application:  copper wire welding
Power: 4000w
Welding area: 2-30mm square

The BN-X2040C ultrasonic wire welding machine. with PLC control system . 1000 times welding data in storage .

our engineer is install the machine in customer’s plant .

we have Ultrasonic wire splicer and terminal welding machine in stock ,can ship anytime. and professional training to ensure customer use them well .

Model: BN-D2040C
Application: NEVS part welding
Power: 4000w 
Welding area: 15.5*8.5mm

Battery pack welding,use in NEVs battery, copper wire+aluminum sheet; aluminum sheet+aluminum sheet, nickel sheet+aluminum sheet

Model: BN-D2030A
Application: Battery packing weld
Power: 3000w 
Welding area: 8x8mm

Aluminum sheet+aluminum sheet .Nickel sheet +Aluminum sheet.

0.35-0.75mm sq . copper wire +Aluminum sheet

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