20KHZ Ultrasonic Wire Welding Machine

20KHZ Ultrasonic Wire Welding Machine


Ultrasonic wire welding machine

The equipment power is divided into 2000W, 3000W, 4000W, and the welding wire harness area is from 0.5mm2-50mm2, which can be welded at one time. (We will continue to develop a wire harness welding machine that welds a larger beam square).

The integrated design of the whole machine of ultrasonic wiring harness welding equipment, the equipment structure is small in size, light in weight, beautiful in appearance and easy to move; adopts PLL phase-locked frequency automatic tracking technology to ensure the welding effect of wiring harness ,cables to terminals;

Ultrasonic wire welding equipment can complete the connection of the wire harness at a small cost; after welding, the conductivity is good, the resistivity is low or almost zero; the welding time is short, and no flux, gas, or solder is required. It is an environmentally friendly welding process and advanced The electrical connection process;

Ultrasonic wire harness welding machine is mainly used in automobile wiring harness connecting wire lap welding, electric wire end forming, wire mutual welding, multiple wires butt joint and mutual welding into wire knots.


Product Model Power working frequency weld area working pressure voltage weight size(mm)
Ultrasonic Wire Welding Machine X2020C 2kw 20khz 0.35-14mm² 0.05-0.9Mpa 220v 40kg 520*180*200
X2030A 3kw 20khz 0.35-20mm² 0.05-0.7Mpa 220v 37kg 560*220*240
X2030B 3kw 20khz 0.35-20mm² 0.05-0.7Mpa 220v 40kg 560*220*240
X2040A 4kw 20khz 0.35-30mm² 0.05-0.9Mpa 220v 37kg 560*180*220
X2040B 4kw 20khz 0.5-30mm² 0.05-0.9Mpa 220v 40kg 560*180*220
X2040C 4kw 20khz 0.5-35mm² 0.05-0.9Mpa 380v 40kg 560*180*220

Application range:Ultrasonic wire welding machine

Ultrasonic wire splicer:

Suitable for welding of copper and aluminum wire harnesses, automotive connector wire harnesses, and ultrasonic welding of copper wires such as wire harness terminals, enameled wires, motor lead wires and wiring harnesses, and aluminum wires. If you have products that need to be welded, please inquire, our company provides free proofing services.


SAMPLES of copper splice

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