Ultrasonic Metal welder for terminals

Ultrasonic Metal welder for terminals

Ultrasonic metal welder for copper Wire to USB terminal welding


Ultrasonic Metal Welding for 16mm square Copper Wire to USB terminals

3000w Ultrasonic welder Suit Metal welding between wires and terminals. (1-20mm square wire + terminal and coppet foils).
For the welding of high-voltage wires, ground cable, and charging heads, there are different model of Ultrasonic welder according to the material, size, shape, and square of the wire (cable).


Terminal welding machine Model Power
wire to terminal welder 2030DZ
Working frequency Welding area Working pressure
20khz 4-50mm² 0-0.9Mpa
Voltage weight size
380v 80kg 650*400*860mm



16mm square wiring to terminals welding:

◆ The equipment adopts 5O/60khz ultrasonic frequency system 1 group, transducer 1 group,
◆ Function: ultrasonic gencrator, stable output power, perfect protection function. The quality of the whole equipment can be further improved.
◆ Welding head: adopt the latcst technology design, welding head is made of imported dic steel, good ultrasonic conduction, further improve the quality, durablc.


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