Ultrasonic Battery Pack Welding Machine

Ultrasonic Battery Pack Welding Machine

Ultrasonic metal battery pack welding machine


Ultrasonic metal battery pack welding machine for lithium ion battery tabs

A protective sheet is arranged on the welding area of the superimposed tab foil, and the welding horn is pressed on the protective sheet. The protective film is made of copper or aluminum. thickness normally is 0.1mm.

For larger copper foil and battery tab pack welding applications, Bonne has developed the 4kW servo spot welder BN-X2040. This kind of high-power spot welding equipment can directly move the welding head, thereby improving the control ability and efficiency.

battery pack welding machine (battery pack welder)

Advantages of Bonne’s ultrasonic battery pack welder

1. Innovative design allows operation in narrow areas, such as between battery lugs
2. Good Ability to weld copper, aluminum and nickel to each other
3. Customize application-specific tools
4. Low-cost and easy tools replacement
5. No adhesives, soldering or heating are required
6. The parameter library can store 1000 settings
7. Weld quality monitoring
8. Low power consumption


Samples of batteries tab pack welding and copper&Aluminum foil weld ultrasonically


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