Battery Tab Welder, Aluminum Foil Welding Machine

Battery Tab Welder, Aluminum Foil Welding Machine

Tab welding 60 layers of aluminum foil welding


Battery Tab Welder /Aluminum Foil Welding Machine Features

  • Wedge-type welding head, ensuring vertical pressure (minimizes deformation of the welding head).
  • Low amplitude welding (low destructive force, reduces material damage).
  • Multiple control modes for convenient selection.
  • Can be used with automated production lines or as a standalone unit.
  • Real-time monitoring of welding height and pressure.
  • Automatic storage of welding records for traceability and MES system integration.
  • Continuous welding capability.
  • Welding head and bottom die can be repaired multiple times.


Application Range

Pre-welding and final welding of battery packs, welding of various non-ferrous metal foils.


Technical Parameters

Machine model EVB-I
Welding range Positive and negative electrode materials 50~120 layers
Machine size (length x width x height) 350×560×860(mm)
Frame weight 95kg
Operating voltage 380V AC
Maximum power 4000~12000W
Maximum amplitude output (peak to peak) 32μm
Operating gas source pressure 0.1-0.5MPa
Gas source filtration accuracy 5μm
Welding head cylinder diameter φ100~125mm
Welding head stroke 50mm
Operating temperature -5°C~50°C
Operating humidity 30%~95%

Welding Real Sample

Tab weldingBattery Tab Welding 60 layers of aluminum foil welding60 layers of Aluminum Foil Welding

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