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Plastic Welding Machine

Ultrasonic plastic welding machine is the ultrasonic plastic welding equipment in the field of plastic welding research and development design of welding equipment. Ultrasonic welding equipment is a high-tech technology for welding plastic products, all kinds of plastic parts can be welded by the ultrasonic welding process, when welding plastic products, do not add any adhesive, filler, or solvent, and do not consume a lot of heat source, with the advantages of easy operation, fast welding speed, high welding strength, high production efficiency, etc.

As a manufacturer with a strong presence in china ultrasonic welding industry, Bonne has a unique comprehensive production line for bonding copper, aluminum, gold, silver , brass and some special conductive metals. Bonne’s welding equipment offers advanced processes and controls in a wide range of assembly applications, such as wiring, terminals, battery fittings, cable processing, seam welding, pipe sealing, radiators and coils.
Bonne provides a complete metal welding system, including ultrasonic metal spot welding machine, wire splicer, battery packing welder machine, tube terminator, seam welding machine, terminal welder. Ultrasonic kits such as welding horn and transducers can be customized.

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