Have you ever met these problems while using the ultrasonic welding machine?

1、Heat generation

The welding head in the work will have a certain fever phenomenon, which is due to the mechanical loss of the material itself and the welding piece heat conduction. Whether the welding head heat is normal criteria for no load (i.e. not in contact with the workpiece), continuous emission of ultrasound for more than half an hour, the temperature can not exceed 50-70 ℃, such as heat is strong, the proof of the welding head has been damaged or the material is not qualified, need to be replaced.

2. Whistling

When the welding head work whistling, the following reasons should be analyzed.

① whether the mounting screws have loosened

② Whether the weld head is cracked

③ Whether the weld head is in contact with an object that it should not be in contact with.

2、 Overload

When the generator gives an overload alarm, the following steps should be followed to check.

① No-load test, if the operating current is normal, the weld head may be touching an object that should not be touched or there is a fault in the parameter adjustment between the weld head and the solder holder.

② If the no-load test is not normal, you should first observe whether the weld head is cracked and firmly mounted, then remove the weld head and carry out the no-load test again to rule out whether there is a problem with the transducer+variable rod and carry out a step-by-step elimination. After ruling out the possibility of a faulty transducer + amplitude rod, remove and replace the new solder head to determine this.

Sometimes there are cases where the no-load test is normal and the unit does not work properly. This may be due to internal changes in the solder head and other sound energy components, resulting in poor sound energy transfer. When the normal work of the welding head or variable amplitude rod surface work amplitude is very uniform, hand touch is velvety smooth, when the sound energy transfer is not smooth, with hand touch will have bubble or burr feeling, then we should use the exclusion method to exclude the problem components. The same situation can occur when the generator is not normal because normally the input waveform of the transducer should be detected as a smooth sine wave, but when there are spikes or abnormal waveforms on the sine wave, this phenomenon can also be produced, then the whole branch can be replaced with another sound energy components to determine.

Operating instructions

1、First check whether the protective cover of the ultrasonic metal welding machine is intact and whether the screws are loose.

2、Check the power supply of the whole machine, all normal before putting it into use.

3、Check whether there is any oxide on the contact surface between the ultrasonic mould and the increased device, and clean it up.

4、Open the power switch, open the air source switch. Check whether there is any air leakage in the pneumatic system, and open the power and control buttons of each machine head as required.

5、Check that the parameters (pressure, time, temperature) and action speed and positioning plate position meet the requirements and adjust the positioning scale.

6. For one size, first press the positioning buttons of the two heads, then place the profile and adjust the position of the head (so that the two ends of the profile will be on the rear positioning plate and the active positioning block) and lock the handle. When welding the same size for the second time, but the profile in and press the positioning button to make it positioned.

7. After checking that everything is normal (whether the profile is well pressed, whether the temperature is normal, etc.), press the automatic welding button and the welding process will be completed automatically until the welded semi-finished or finished products are taken out after the reset.

8、After passing the quality inspection of the test welded products, the variable parameter values are locked and can be put into high-efficiency production.

9、If the hand is pressed by the ultrasonic metal welding machine or the profile blocks the welding plate during the operation, press the emergency stop button to stop the action. Press and then rotate to the right to reset.

10、After work is completed, close the gas switch and release the remaining gas and water in the triplex.

11. Turn off the heating and control power supply of each head, and then turn off the general power supply of the equipment.


Avoid empty soldering, when soldering, the solder must be present. Empty welds can lead to machine alarms and damage to the machine.

Adjust welding parameters such as welding area, air pressure, energy level, etc. before welding. Otherwise, over-welding or poor welding will occur.

Alignment of the weld to the base is required prior to welding.

Be careful of burns during and after welding due to the high thermal conductivity of copper and the high instantaneous heat.

Bonne will test before delivery and provide technical guidance at any time during use and provides technical support at any time while using.

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