What Are the Common Ultrasonic Welding Equipment for Metal?

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Ultrasonic welding equipment for metal has revolutionized the metalworking industry, offering efficient and precise methods for joining metal parts without the need for traditional welding materials. This article will introduce the diverse range of ultrasonic welding equipment tailored for various metal applications.

1. Ultrasonic metal spot welder – Ultrasonic welding equipment

An ultrasonic spot welding machine is a specialized ultrasonic welding equipment that employs ultrasonic high-frequency vibrations to join metal parts together at specific points without the need for traditional welding materials such as solder or welding rods.

This process is known as spot welding because it focuses on creating welds at discrete spots rather than along a seam.

ultrasonic welding equipment


Terminal welding

The ultrasonic terminal welding machine is a typical spot welding machine. Ultrasonic terminal welding machines specifically focus on creating spot welds at terminal connections, which are critical points in electrical assemblies.

These machines use ultrasonic vibrations to join metal components such as wires to terminals, effectively creating spot welds that ensure strong, reliable electrical connections.

Copper and aluminum welding

Battery pack welding

An ultrasonic battery pack welder (battery cell welder) can be considered a type of spot welder as well. In the context of battery pack assembly, ultrasonic battery pack welders are specifically designed to weld metal tabs or terminals onto the electrodes of battery cells. 

battery pack

2. Seam welding machine – Ultrasonic welding equipment

A seam welding machine is used for joining metal parts along their edges or seams through the process of ultrasonic welding.

Unlike spot welding, which joins metal parts at specific points, seam welding creates a continuous, hermetic seal along the length of the seam. This process is particularly useful for applications requiring airtight or watertight seals.

Ultrasonic rolling welding machine is a kind of ultrasonic seam welding machines. It employs ultrasonic vibrations combined with rolling pressure to bond the metal surfaces together.

Ultrasonic Rolling Welding Machine


The ultrasonic rolling welding machine is versatile and can be used for various applications, including welding solar power batteries, flat solar energy collecting plates, PAP (Plastic-Aluminum-Plastic) seaming welds, and joining copper and aluminum sheets.

Seam welding
Seam welding

3. Wire splicing machine – Ultrasonic welding equipment

Ultrasonic metal wire splicing machines are designed to join metal wires, such as aluminum and copper together using ultrasonic welding technology.

Wire splicing machine


Since wiring harnesses are everywhere in our lives, we will take automobiles as an example to show the application of wire splicing machines.

Wiring harnesses for vehicle electrical systems, including those for engine control units (ECUs), lighting, sensors, and power distribution, etc.

Airbag wiring harnesses, ensuring secure connections for critical safety components.

Wiring harnesses for in-vehicle entertainment systems, including speakers, amplifiers, and multimedia displays.


4. Ultrasonic tube sealer – Ultrasonic welding equipment

Tube sealing machines utilize high-frequency acoustic vibrations to create solid-state welds between the metal surfaces of the tubes. This process involves crimping, sealing, and sometimes cutting the tubes.


Refrigeration Industry (refrigerators, air conditioners, water dispensers)

Particularly employed for sealing air-filled tubes in thin tubular and spherical temperature sensors, ensuring accurate temperature control in refrigeration and air conditioning systems.


Industrial equipment manufacturing

Widely utilized in the production of industrial equipment such as oil coolers, radiators, and heat exchangers, facilitating the creation of secure seals in both aluminum and copper tubes to optimize thermal management and fluid flow in various industrial applications.

Electronics industry

Integrated into the manufacturing process of electronic products and components, including sensors, control systems, and enclosures, to seal aluminum or copper tubes effectively. 

Automotive industry (cooling systems, climate control systems)

For the production of components used in automotive cooling systems and climate control systems, such as radiators, condensers, and evaporators, ultrasonic sealing of copper tubes ensures leak-proof connections, enabling efficient heat exchange and temperature control in vehicles.

In conclusion, ultrasonic welding equipment offers a versatile and efficient solution for various metal joining applications, catering to the diverse needs of industries ranging from automotive and electronics to refrigeration and industrial equipment manufacturing.

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