How to select the ultrasonic metal welding machine

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Ultrasonic welding is performed by converting a 50/60 Hz current into 20Khz electrical energy through an ultrasonic generator. The converted high-frequency electrical energy is transformed again into mechanical motion of the same frequency through a transducer, then transmitted to the welding head by a set of variable amplitude rods that can change the amplitude. The welding head transfers the received vibration energy to the joint of the part to be welded.

Ultrasonic metal welding is a mechanical process in which no electric current flows through the welded part, and no welding arc is generated, such as in the electric welding mode. Since ultrasonic welding does not have problems with heat conduction and resistivity, it is undoubtedly an ideal metal welding equipment system for non-ferrous materials. It can be effective for welding sheets of different thicknesses.

1. Select according to the characteristics

1)welding materials do not melt, not fragile metal properties.

2)good electrical conductivity after welding; the resistance coefficient is extremely low or nearly zero.

3)low requirements for welding metal surface, oxidation, or plating can be welded.

4)Short welding time, without any flux, gas, solder.

5)Welding without sparks, environmental protection, and safety.

2. Select according to the applicable product selection

1)Nickel-hydrogen batteries nickel-hydrogen batteries nickel mesh interfuse with nickel sheet.

2)Lithium battery, polymer battery copper foil interfuse with nickel sheet interfusion, aluminum foil, and aluminum sheet.

3)Wire interfusion, bias knotted into one with multiple interfusion.

4)Wire interfuse with a variety of electronic components, joints, connectors.

5)Various household appliances, automotive products, large heat dissipation seat, heat exchange fins, honeycomb heart of the interfusion.

6)Electromagnetic switches, fuseless switches and other high-current contacts, interfusion of different metal pieces.

7)Sealing of metal pipes, cutting off water-proof and air-tight.

We can provide you with a complete welding system. There are three models of welding machines, manual model, touch screen model, and PLC model. The manual model is easy to operate; the PLC model can store welding records and is equipped with a generator and transducer imported from Germany.

The lifetime of a weld head is approximately 200,000-400,000,000 cycles. When you purchase the machine, you can have an extra set of welding heads for backup.

We will make commissioning before delivery to ensure that the equipment is in an easy-to-install condition. We can provide remote video operation training and arrange for overseas installation and commissioning by engineers if needed.

Bonne provides high-quality products and provides excellent value-added services to all customers, from engineering solutions to technical manufacturing, deeply rooted in bonne’s corporate philosophy.

1. Comprehensive industry chain and tooling capabilities to provide accurate and quality parts and finished products, including transducers, generators, weld heads, etc. Whether these parts come from bonne or not. We can customize the perfect replacement for you.

2. Excellent and meticulous product inspection to ensure consistent and reliable products.

3. We focus on and continually work to solve all your welding problems; this is bonne’s commitment to you: we sincerely hope our customers succeed; meanwhile, this is our success!

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