What is the best welding process for automotive wiring harnesses?

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What is the wiring harness? A wiring harness is a component that connects the various electrical devices in a circuit. It consists of an insulating sheath, terminals, wires and insulating wrapping material. In contrast to cable assemblies, wire harnesses have multiple branches and multiple terminals on each branch. Wire harnesses are usually used in a […]

Introduction to the ultrasonic metal welding process

ultrasonic metal welding

Ultrasonic Metal Welding Machine Ultrasonic metal welding is a common technique in automobile wire harnesses, and the principle is to reassemble the surface of the welded material using ultrasonic high-frequency vibrations. Ultrasonic metal welding technology provides a reliable connection to the wiring harnesses inside the vehicle, making the electrical connection system stable and reliable after welding. […]

How to Use Ultrasonic Metal Welding Machine?


Ultrasonic equipment consists of the following components: Ultrasonic electricity box: generate electrodynamic high-frequency vibration Pneumatic part: the main role is to complete the pressure work needs such as pressurization and pressure-holding in the processing process. Program control part: control the workflow of the whole machine to achieve a consistent processing effect. Transducer part (Ultrasonic transducer): […]

Applications of the ultrasonic metal welding machine


Metals suitble for ultrasonic metal welding Ultrasonic metal welding can be used with copper, aluminium, nickel, silver, and gold. The metal workpieces to be weld is mainly in the shape of fine wire or thin layer. The welding thickness should not exceed 4 mm and the welding area, not exceed 50 mm². The operation includes […]

The Working Principle of Ultrasonic Metal Welder

ultrasonic metal welding

Ultrasonic Metal Welding, also named cold metal welding, is similar to friction welding but not always the same-ultrasonic welding takes a very short time and the temperature is lower than that of metal recrystallization. Ultrasonic Metal Welding is also different from pressure welding because the static pressure applied is much lower than that of pressure […]

4 steps to a successful ultrasonic welding machines assembly

If you already own a complete ultrasonic metal welding machine. You must be interested in how it goes from a few iron pieces to an assembled welding system. Although we don’t expect our customers to perform these assembly steps, understanding the assembly process can go a long way in helping you realize the potential of […]

How to select the ultrasonic metal welding machine

Ultrasonic welding is performed by converting a 50/60 Hz current into 20Khz electrical energy through an ultrasonic generator. The converted high-frequency electrical energy is transformed again into mechanical motion of the same frequency through a transducer, then transmitted to the welding head by a set of variable amplitude rods that can change the amplitude. The […]

what is ultrasonic wire welding machine

When making wire harnesses, usually need to splice 2 or more wires together. Using the traditional “pressure splicing with clip ” method , wire strand are fixed together with clip as a terminals. A better choice is ultrasonic welding technology, No need Acid ,solder , more strength and safe, which has been used by most […]

What we do

Bonne is a manufacturer of machines and systems for industrial ultrasonic welding technology. Ultrasonic welding can be used for permanent joining of two metal parts: such as wire harness welding, terminal welding, metal spot welding, plastic to metal welding, metal rolling welding, etc. The classic application in the new energy automobile industry is the connection […]