What’s the difference between ultrasonic welding and electric resistance welding

Ultrasonic welding

Welding is the process of joining two metals. The significance of welding is evident in the manufacturing of items such as phones, laptops, and vehicles. Welding demands different levels of skill and precision, depending on the specific welding type and the skill level of the welder needed for the job. This article takes an in-depth […]

Addressing Frequent Issues in Ultrasonic Welding

Addressing Frequent Issues in Ultrasonic Welding

The process of ultrasonic amalgamation is globally accepted for the connection of thermoplastic components. It presents numerous merits such as the assurance and consistency of the process, reduced energy expenditure in comparison to other connection methods, conservation of materials due to the absence of necessities like adhesive or mechanical anchors, and savings in manpower. Just […]

How to choose between 35khz and 20khz ultrasonic welding machine?


Introduction of ultrasonic welding machines Ultrasonic metal welding has gained immense popularity in various industries for its ability to create strong, reliable, and clean welds without the need for additional materials such as solder or adhesives. Two common frequencies used in ultrasonic metal welding are 35khz and 20khz. Selecting the right frequency for your specific […]

What are the advantages of ultrasonic metal welding machine?

How to Use Ultrasonic Metal Welding Machine?

What are the advantages of ultrasonic metal welding machine? Ultrasonic metal welding machines offer several advantages over traditional welding methods such as resistance welding, arc welding, and laser welding. Here are some of the advantages:

How to Choose the Right Ultrasonic Wire Welding Machine for Your Business?


Ultrasonic Wire Welding Machine is a kind of equipment that uses ultrasonic technology for metal wire welding. It converts high-frequency electrical energy into mechanical vibration energy, and transmits this vibration to the metal wire through the welding head, making its surface melt quickly and in a certain forms strong welds under pressure. Ultrasonic Wire Welding […]

How to find china ultrasonic welding machine supplier?


An ultrasonic welding machine is a very effective tool when you need to create a strong connection between two or more objects. It uses penetrating, high-frequency sound waves to melt the surface of plastics and other materials, then allow them to cool into a solid, single part. Ultrasonic welding machine has become a widely used […]

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Ultrasonic metal spot welding and wire harness welding explained in detail

The main types of materials that are industrially welded using ultrasonic welding are: pure aluminum-pure aluminum, pure aluminum-aluminum alloy, aluminum-copper, electrolytic copper-electrolytic copper, purple copper-copper-zinc alloy, purple copper-copper-beryllium alloy, brass – brass, purple copper – nickel (metal coating), purple copper – silver (metal coating), purple copper – gold (usually as a metal coating) Thus it […]

Ultrasonic metal welding machine, how much the impact of the welding time

Ultrasonic metal welding machine, how much the impact of welding time, so it depends on which generator you use. Currently on the market, ultrasonic metal welding machine, welding mode has time mode, energy mode, constant power mode, etc.. No matter which mode has been on, the welding time has an impact on the welding capacity. […]