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Bonne move to a new address ,with a larger plant . this is a growing team . hope to have a chance to work with you !

Ultrasonic metal spot welding and wire harness welding explained in detail

The main types of materials that are industrially welded using ultrasonic welding are: pure aluminum-pure aluminum, pure aluminum-aluminum alloy, aluminum-copper, electrolytic copper-electrolytic copper, purple copper-copper-zinc alloy, purple copper-copper-beryllium alloy, brass – brass, purple copper – nickel (metal coating), purple copper – silver (metal coating), purple copper – gold (usually as a metal coating) Thus it […]

Ultrasonic metal welding machine, how much the impact of the welding time

Ultrasonic metal welding machine, how much the impact of welding time, so it depends on which generator you use. Currently on the market, ultrasonic metal welding machine, welding mode has time mode, energy mode, constant power mode, etc.. No matter which mode has been on, the welding time has an impact on the welding capacity. […]

Bonne are having technical meeting

every monday , Bonne may have meeting to talk about the technology of ultrasonic . how to improve the service and develop larger mm sq metal welding .

What is the difference between ultrasonic plastic welding and metal welding?

1.Difference factor one: Firstly, plastic welding works differently to metal welding machines.2.As a rule the welding head vibrates in a direction perpendicular to the welding position in ultrasonic plastic welding, whereas in ultrasonic metal welding the welding head vibrates in a direction parallel to the welding position. Of course in some special cases plastic welding […]

What causes unstable ultrasonic metal welding equipment and how to solve it?

Ultrasonic metal welding process has been widely used in all walks of life, in the use of ultrasonic welding machine production work, the stability of ultrasonic metal welding equipment is very important, the stability of the equipment is related to the quality of welded products are up to standard, such as poor stability of ultrasonic […]

how long the ultrasonic metal welder can work ,and Problems analysis

The service life of a welding head is determined by two key aspects: First, the material, and second, the processMaterial: ultrasonic welding requires metal materials with good flexibility (small mechanical loss during the transmission of sound waves) good characteristics, so the most commonly used materials for aluminum and titanium alloys, but ultrasonic metal welding requires […]

Influencing factors of ultrasonic metal welding

AmplitudeAmplitude is a key parameter for the material to be welded and is equivalent to the temperature of ferrochrome.If the temperature does not reach, it will not be fused, and if the temperature is too high, the raw material will be scorched or the structure will be damaged and the strength will deteriorate.The choice of […]

why ultrasonic metal welding

Ultrasonic metal welding uses high-frequency vibration waves to transmit to the metal surface to be welded. Under pressure, the two metal surfaces are rubbed against each other to form fusion between the molecular layers.The advantages are fast, energy saving, high fusion strength, good electrical conductivity, no sparks, and close to cold processing; the disadvantages are […]

Ultrasonic Metal Welding Machine 101

Ultrasonic Metal Welding Machine 101

This blog mainly introduces the content of ultrasonic metal welding machine. Including its definition, types, working principles and benefits. Click the link to see the detailed introduction.