Automation industry

In industry and processing, the demand for complex and efficient automation equipment is increasing. In order to meet the growing demand, bonne provides a large number of solutions in the integration of ultrasound systems and components.◆ High stability and fast◆ Accurate size◆ Flawless appearance ● AutomationWith increasing demand and complex processes in the automation industry, […]

Refrigeration industry

In refrigeration equipment, pipes and pipes and parts are connected by welding technology. Therefore, the advancement and perfection of welding process, and the stability of welding quality determine the stability and equipment of refrigeration equipment The unobstructed flow of liquid and gas in the pipeline. As a new type of welding technology, the ultrasonic welding […]

Solar panels

Photovoltaic kit ultrasonic welding is used to press the photovoltaic cable, welded products are solid, the cable does not shake. Ultrasonic welding box assembly, only need to press the welding button and take the release, the operation is simple.

Automobile industry

The joining of automobile parts must meet the highest welding quality: tightness, firmness, precise dimensions, and flawless appearance. Ultrasonic welding provides a fast and economical solution to these complex process requirements. With the help of ultrasonic technology, process optimization and product verification can be easily achieved. We solve more than 1,500 applications for customers every […]

Ultrasonic welding machine for electronics industrial


The market’s requirements for various components in the electronics industry have become more complex and comprehensive: airtightness, dimensional accuracy and a perfect surface are just the most basic quality standards. Ultrasonic welding can reduce production costs and ensure the production safety and reproducibility of the joining process. With the rapid development of the electronics industry, […]


High-quality welding: Ultrasonic metal welding produces the best quality products. The production process is clear, only the stability of the process can make sure the safety and repeatability of the product. We are your metal welding consultant and solver. In addition to our technology-leading products, we also provide high-quality in-depth application services, take on welding […]