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Lithium Battery

Lithium battery welding requires 20 to 60 foils to be bonded, which can only be done with high-tech ultrasonic welding processes. With the vigorous promotion of new energy vehicles, ultrasonic welding batteries are more and more widely used, this process is complex, requiring strong electrical contact, in addition, the sealing film of the battery needs a very smooth surface.

For the welding of battery poles, bonne can recommend corresponding models and solutions according to the size, shape and material of the solder joints.

● Soft-pack Battery

Lib soft shell heat seal can also use ultrasonic technology, which can greatly reduce battery damage, ultrasonic welding using cold ultrasonic welding tools instead of heat seals, shorten the cycle time.
For the welding of battery flexible connecting piece, we recommend BN-D series spot welder. There are 3 model, 2kw, 3kw, 5kw as following:

● Battery

The new energy storage system gradually has higher requirements for ultrasonic welding system, the bus can transmit 800v voltage under the premise of the resistance to be reduced to a minimum, to prevent the risk of overheating.

bonne BN-D2020 is suitable for 0.35mm/0.5mm cable welding . and BN-D2030 is good for aluminum terminal temperature probe.

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