Automobile industry

The joining of automobile parts must meet the highest welding quality: tightness, firmness, precise dimensions, and flawless appearance. Ultrasonic welding provides a fast and economical solution to these complex process requirements.

With the help of ultrasonic technology, process optimization and product verification can be easily achieved. We solve more than 1,500 applications for customers every year.

● Engine room
Hermeticity, pressure resistance and function are not impaired: ultrasonic welding can meet these requirements for automotive components in the engine room. In the filter, the filter material must be firmly welded and must have the characteristics of high temperature and low temperature resistance.

High quality ultrasonic welding can make perfect auto parts, under the condition of ensuring perfect appearance, but also to meet the requirements of good sealing, solid welding.
Ultrasonic technology can optimize processes and easily verify product quality. We have more than 1,000 success stories a year.

● The car engine
The welding of automobile parts should meet the basic conditions of high and low temperature resistance.
Ultrasonic technology can achieve pressure resistance and sealing are perfect, but also to ensure that the filter material welding firm.

● Functional parts
Ultrasonic welding of these components can ensure that the functions of the built-in functional components are not restricted. All welding parameters can be 100% checked and recorded. The semi-permeable membrane is used as a pressure balance element (DAE), which can be punched and sealed with ultrasonic waves.

● Functional accessories
When welding functional components, ensure that they are unrestricted, all welding data can be recorded and can be checked at any time.
Ultrasonic technology can impact seal welding semi-permeable film (pressure balancing parts).

● Exterior/Car lights
High strength, tightness and dimensional accuracy, and appearance without scratches and indentations are typical requirements. Ultrasonic welding can protect the function of components and complete the welding of complex shapes.

● Headlights and appearance
Appearance without scratch is the basic requirements, but also to achieve basic requirements of accurate size, good sealing. Ultrasonic technology can complete complex welding under the premise of ensuring these requirements.

● In the car
Using ultrasonic technology, not only can plastics be connected to each other, but also plastics and metal or wood can be connected, and even chrome-plated parts can be riveted by ultrasonic waves. Large combination instrument panels belong to this type of high-demand welding application, which can be welded with the help of various types of welding heads, with bright appearance and precise gaps.

● The car interior trim
Ultrasonic can weld plastic + plastic, plastic + metal/wood,also chrome plated elements. High standard welding is required for large composite instrument panel, which can achieve perfect appearance and precise welding according to the combination of different ultrasonic welding heads.

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