Automation industry

In industry and processing, the demand for complex and efficient automation equipment is increasing. In order to meet the growing demand, bonne provides a large

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Refrigeration industry

In refrigeration equipment, pipes and pipes and parts are connected by welding technology. Therefore, the advancement and perfection of welding process, and the stability of

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Solar panels

Photovoltaic kit ultrasonic welding is used to press the photovoltaic cable, welded products are solid, the cable does not shake. Ultrasonic welding box assembly, only

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Automobile industry

The joining of automobile parts must meet the highest welding quality: tightness, firmness, precise dimensions, and flawless appearance. Ultrasonic welding provides a fast and economical

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High-quality welding: Ultrasonic metal welding produces the best quality products. The production process is clear, only the stability of the process can make sure the

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