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After detailed discussion, all employees summed up the common principles guiding the work.

One Thing That Bonne Hope To Tell You

This is a positive team. We have been deeply involved in the ultrasonic industry for many years and pay close attention to the various applications of the ultrasonic industry. This provides a solid foundation for us to explore more suitable solutions for our customers. We hope that customers can succeed, and this is our success!

Our Core Value

Integrity, cooperation, respect and purposeful exploration are the cornerstones of our growth.


Bonne is a manufacturer of machines and systems for industrial ultrasonic welding technology. Ultrasonic welding can be used for permanent joining of two metal parts: such as wire harness welding, terminal welding, metal spot welding, plastic to metal welding, metal rolling welding, etc. The classic application in the new energy automobile industry is the connection of instrument panel instruments, center consoles or engine wiring harnesses. Other application areas of ultrasonic welding: solar energy industry, battery soft pack welding, electronic industry welding, refrigeration industry and automation equipment. 

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Business Type

Production of systems and components for ultrasonic metal welding machines and ultrasonic plastic welding machines

Established Date

2008-Bonne Ultrasonic Technology has nearly 13 years of experience in the ultrasonic industry. And keep working on the development and manufacturing of ultrasonic metal welding. Strive to provide excellent ultrasonic welding products and let customers benefit from them.

Service Area

Bonne Ultrasonic Technology is located in Wuxi, Jiangsu. Has many years of experience in equipment export. We will continue to expand overseas markets and provide customized solutions to more customers. The engineering services we provide include: application consulting, application optimization, mechanical integration, and metal welding.


Bonne has a number of patents such as “a vertical limit mechanism for ultrasonic welding device” and “an adjustable ultrasonic welding pressing device”. These patents have created an innovative environment in many companies and application associations. . Maintain the common progress of the ultrasonic industry.


Environmental protection and energy saving are becoming an important topic. Reducing power consumption and exhaust emissions is the top priority of developing an environmentally friendly economy.
Ultrasonic welding technology’s electricity consumption period is limited to the actual welding period, which makes the technology more in line with environmental protection standards. Compared with other thermal bonding processes, the overall energy consumption of ultrasonic welding technology is reduced by 75%. Through our continuous improvement of welding equipment and systems, we can effectively improve energy efficiency and achieve sustainable development.


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